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Our Story

Mayflower Transit began with a vision to give people a choice, providing an alternative to using railroads to move household goods. A growing network of paved roads in the early 20th century further enabled long-distance trucking, and thus began Mayflower’s foundation as a trailblazer in the moving industry.

For over 90 years, Mayflower has been your trusted guide. Mayflower strives to understand customers’ needs and provide them with peace of mind throughout the move. As the most recognized name in moving, and the moving company customers choose to get started on their next adventure. Like the ship in the logo, Mayflower, too is on a journey seeking new opportunity and progress.

The driving force is to support each move with the highest level of service by providing superior solutions and adapting processes to continue to deliver belongings safely and on-time. Mayflower does all of this to provide a seamless move experience and to guide customers Every Step of the Way®.


Our Story

Conrad M. Gentry and Don F. Kenworthy founded Mayflower Transit in Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1927. After more than two decades serving American families, Mayflower expanded to include corporate employee relocations as well as transporting tradeshow displays and exhibits. In 1961, Mayflower began supporting America’s government and military moves throughout the world.

Mayflower truck

Our Network

Mayflower joined UniGroup, Inc. in 1995, forming the nation’s largest moving and storage services provider.

In 2018, UniGroup Shareholders voted to become a cooperative (co-op) to better serve its agents and customers by providing centralized support functions, products and services, purchasing power technology and information networks.

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